Friday, June 22, 2007

First Day of Summer

Lightning Bug Lovers!

Funny, but I barely got outside today, the first day of summer. We hung around in our pjs in the morning and did some crafts. Miyah loves the book, Bunny Money, and we've been talking about making a wallet like Ruby's for a long time. So, we got some craft foam and made a wallet for Miyah's Bunny Money. It's a great little lesson in money while you read the book. There's even a cute website for printing off the Bunny Money, but you can also photocopy it from the book and that's what we did.
Then we played with play-do and measured with beans.

For some reason Mei Lin has started to smile this funny smile every time she sees the camera. Soon after this picture was taken, the phone rang and she began licking the play-do. It happened to be the pediatric cardiologist's office saying they needed to reschedule her appointment. So, she won't be seen now until the middle of August...arghhh!

Then tonight we celebrated Summer with ice cream out on the deck. Mei Lin was pretty much attached to that straw! And of course Miyah found a couple of lightning bugs. It's our nightly ritual now.

(not the cutest photo - but it's too funny!)

*******H A P P Y * S U M M E R !!!!*******

2 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

I've never lived anywhere where they had fireflys. I've never seen them except at Disneyland. I bet they are beautiful!

Leda said...

Cindy, Mei Lin is just precious...oh my goodness. And Miyah looks like such a BIG girl next to her. Wow. Looks like Mei Lin's tan lines have faded back to a natural skin tone...those tan lines were amazing.

They are both just so sweet. :) Leda