Thursday, December 11, 2008

LIFE-Giving Gifts to Celebrate the LIFE-Giver

Here's another long overdue post.

This year it's been on my heart to do something a little try to squelch the usual buying frenzy and materialism of Christmas.

Our friends and family need to pay attention to this one: If you were planning to give us even the tiniest gift this year...PLEASE DON'T...instead we're asking that you make a donation where the money is really needed.
Copy of uganda_598
One of the places the money is definitely needed and a ministry that has touched my heart is Amazima Ministries. Please visit Katie's blog. I know you'll be moved by what she's doing in Uganda. Katie (pictured above baptizing some of her kids) is a 20 year old mother of nine (once orphaned) children in Uganda, and she's also a college student here in the states trying to support her kids plus fund the education of nearly 200 other Ugandan children.

There are many other worthy causes, as well. We still love to give to Half the Sky. After reading Silent Tears I'm even more convinced of the need for ministries such as this. They do an amazing job of improving the health and lives of Chinese orphans.

If nothing else, I hope to inspire you to think beyond the materialism and needless gift-giving. There are so many that need the absolute basics for survival. The $50 spent on St*rbucks gift cards for teacher gifts could instead bring education, clothing, or even survival to a child somewhere (nothing against St*rbucks-they do a lot of humanitarian work, as well...just an example). I know teachers get so many little (many times useless) trinkets each year, so for teacher's gifts and family gifts this year we'll be donating to Katie's Amazima Ministries.

Isn't that why Jesus bring LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! I can't think of a better way to celebrate His birth.

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