Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth's 5th birthday (14)
The girls' very good friend, Elizabeth, celebrated her 5th birthday at the bowling alley this November. I can't believe our girls are 5 already. It seems like yesterday we brought them home. The picture below was taken when the girls were about 17 months old and had only been home for less then 3-6 months.

Sweet Kisses! They loved each other from the start!
Elizabeth and MiyahElizabeth's 5th birthday (2)
Elizabeth is growing up to be one of the very sweetest little girls I know. She is so loving, compassionate, and the best friend I could ever want for my girls (she gets that from her sweet, beautiful parents).
We love you, Miss Elizabeth!

(below) Not sure what Mei Lin is doing with her finger...Miyah's wearing her lion snout on her head, as usual.
Elizabeth's 5th birthday (6)

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