Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally Getting to that Pointe!

The day every ballerina waits for is the day she gets her first pointe shoes. And Megan is certainly no exception. She was so excited to get her pointe shoes last Wednesday. She immediately came home and wore them around the house. I cringe every time I see her on her toes. Actually, I didn't think much of it at first, but then I became curious about what it feels like. Since my foot is only slightly larger I slipped one on and tried to balance on my toes....OOUUCH! There is no way I could dance en pointe! Megan's teacher has prepared them by doing a lot of excercises in class and she uses her theraband to exercise her toes at home. But still, I now have a new appreciation for ballet...I mean, I always appreciated it and love to watch it; and I've always heard how painful it can be, but now I can actually feel the pain when I see someone dance en pointe.

Oh, and here's Miyah the morning after Megan got her pointe shoes. She immediately went into her room to get her "ballet slippers" and demonstrated her pointework. Megan has been teaching her ballet and she's anxious to show us her arabesque, first and second position, and releve, etc. A ballerina in the making...who also can't wait for her first pointe shoes.

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Jillian said...

Oh my goodness....look at Miyah on her toes!

You know, I could slip into Maggie's pointe shoes if I wanted to, since her feet are BIGGER than mine (yikes!). But I'm not sure I want to! Then again, I'm not sure she'd LET me!