Wednesday, January 31, 2007


........months since we sent our Letter of Intent for Mei Lin.....
2 loooong months without a word from China.
Please, please, please, Lord, give us word from China!

When I get anxious I begin putsing, rearranging, and organizing the house. Pat says I'm "nesting".

All this rearranging causes a ripple effect througout the house and now there are 'things' everywhere waiting to find a new home.

Pat installed a closet unit in the girls' bedroom closet and it's given us a lot more room for all the clothes that need to go in there. My sister gave back Miyah's old clothes PLUS Brielle's old clothes and needless to say Mei Lin will never have to wear the same thing twice.

To pass the time, I've also begun "packing" (really just collecting things) for China.

I have nearly $300 worth of OTC meds sitting on my bedroom dresser. No, I'm not starting my own pharmacy. When you're neurotic (like me) this is what it takes for you to feel comfortable traveling to a developing country with your family of soon-to-be six.

I will not soon forget Chinese medicine and the patch of herbs on Miyah's belly button to stop diarrhea; or the stories told by our travel companions who visited the Chinese doctors.

We have enough Tylenol, Advil, Immodium, Pepto, Benadryl, and Cough medicine to supply a small hospital. The woman working at the pharmacy gave us a strange look when we unloaded our cart, but thankfully the man behind us asked if we were traveling overseas so we were able to share the whole story (Mei Lin pictures and all), without suspicion that we were starting our own meth lab.

Okay, hopefully my next post will be real news from China!

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