Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Great Friends, Great Fun!

Miyah's playgroup got together to paint last week, but not just fingerpaint...foot, hand, arm, and everything in between paint. The girls started out not quite knowing what to do. Little Emma seemed to warm up to the idea quickly, but the other girls were tentative at first. They had a lot of fun, but seemed very serious much of the time (well, except for Miss Isabella who is always the life of the party). On the way home Miyah kept repeating, "I had fun painting with my friends!". It's so fun to watch the girls grow up together. I'm so grateful we have such wonderful friends whose families "look" like ours.

Little Elizabeth is going to be traveling back to China with her family to get her little sister, Clare, the same time we go to get Mei Lin. I know having friends along will help the trip seem less "far from home".

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