Monday, October 02, 2006

The New Blog

We've entered the world of the blogosphere! We were using our "What's New" page on our website like a blog and using up a lot of space with photos, so I decide to migrate over to the world of blogs for the regular updates and photos. We'll still update some things on the website on occasion, too.

Well, I don't know where to begin because I've forgotten where I've left off. So...I'll just begin somewhere tonight and add as I remember things from the last month or two.

I'll start with...what else...the kids...the new school year to be exact. Things seem to be going well with both Matthew and Megan's school. Matt says school is harder this year and seems to have even more homework than last year, but is doing well. He is taking some more difficult classes including Latin and an advanced composition class. Megan is enjoying her new homeschool tutorial. Tutorial means she meets with a teacher in a classroom setting once a week and is then given a week's worth of work to complete at home. She's still considered homeschooled, but is taking most of her main classes there so it only leaves me teaching History and some vocabulary and spelling at home.

Matt has been playing football for his school and his team is doing great this year. They are undefeated and tend to blow away the opponent by about 50 points. Last week they played the two time national champions of eight man football (for the past two years) and blew them away as well.

Megan is taking dance seven hours a week. She has ballet two weekdays and Modern and ballet on Saturday. She loves dance, but getting up to dance on a Saturday morning may just kill her. She is continuing with piano, but I have to remind her to practice or she "forgets"....hmmm....we may be reevaluating piano soon. She says she's still interested and I do love hearing her play so I hate to have her give it up.

Miyah is so excited that she'll be three soon. We hear about her party every single day.
On the left is a photo from Chinese School. She wasn't very excited about Chinese school this day. I couldn't get her to do much but hang on me with a frown on her face. She's Miss Personality at home, but becomes shy around strangers lately. She loves the two year old class at church and her class at Bible study so maybe it's just when I'm with her (Chinese class is for parents and children).

I could write more but I need to get some excercise tonight before it gets too late. Goodnight!

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