Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Catching Up on November

Happy Thanksgiving! I know....I'm a little late. I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. We had a very nice Thanksgiving at home with my parents.
For days before my parents came for Thanksgiving I had been telling Miyah that we would decorate the gingerbread house with Grandma and Papa when they came. Then we forgot all about it! The day after they left I asked her if she wanted to decorate the "candy house" and her little face lit up and she asked, "Are Grandma and Papa coming?".
Miyah's eaten nearly ALL of the candy off of the gingerbread house already.

The middle of November was parent observation day at Megan's ballet studio and can you believe I forgot my camera???? I was SO mad!!

Anyway, after Miyah and I watched Megan's ballet class we talked about how Megan and all the students listened to the teacher and did what the teacher told them to do (participation). I knew she had Chinese school that weekend so I used this to my advantage. We talked about the job of teachers and students and by Saturday she was so proud and excited to be a good student that she did wonderfully at Chinese school. She participated and did what the teacher told her to do.

They made little things to dance with and then learned some Chinese dances. It was a lot of fun.
(Miyah's in the forefront in a green shirt)

Miyah and her Chinese teacher, Miss Josephine

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