Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kids Say (and Do) the Funniest Things

Over the past several months Miyah has been so funny. Children this age do and say the cutest things. I only hope I can remember them all when she's grown.

Maybe they won't seem as funny when she's older, but I don't think I'll ever regret keeping these memories. I think part of the cuteness is the way she says them in her sweet little voice.

I've a little collection of photos I've taken of Miyah doing silly and sweet things. I've also tried to write them down.

Here's a few:

For a while after Megan got her pointe shoes Miyah made pointe shoes out of everything from her socks pulled just right to her wash cloth in the bath tub. The big sister "worship" is so sweet. She wants to be like Megan so badly.

Which is probably a good thing since SHE'S now a big sister. And big sisterhood has been very empowering. We're regularly told she can do _____ because she's a big sister now.

And like her older siblings, Miyah thinks she knows more than me sometimes. Take this conversation for instance....

Miyah (holding broken banana): It broke, IT BROKE, FIX IT!! (in her best Whinese)

Mommmy: I can't fix it. It's okay, you can eat it that way. That's how monkeys eat them.

Miyah: No, they eat trees. Mouses eat bananas.

Mommy: No, monkeys eat bananas; mice eat....cheese?
(and then I think, maybe she's right?).
Then there's her imagination...

Miyah: I'm going to turn into a big, big black fishy and swim in the ocean and you're going to miss me.

Mommy: Well, then I'm going to get a big huge net and scoop you up and I'm going to give you a big fish kiss.
She thought that was funny and now asks me what I'm going to do when she turns into a big black fishy.
Or there's the time a few months ago when we were at the fabric store and she picked up two shoulder pads and held them up to her chest while announcing to all the customers waiting for their fabric to be cut, "Look, my bra!". Megan and I were dying...those are the moments you wish you had a camcorder.
She also has a habit of grouping everything into families; things both living and inanimate...cups, crackers, crayons, and the worms she found in the sandbox. Several times a day you'll hear her say, "Here's the daddy one, this is the mommy, and there's the brother and sister, and this is the baby". Everything has to be in a family unit. I have a picture of the mommy and daddy worm from the sandbox.

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Leda said...

I love the mustache shot, it was so unexpected. LOL! She sounds adorable...