Saturday, February 24, 2007

No News....

We didn't get travel approval last week...bummer. My travel group of five families still want to travel early March if we get travel approval this week, but that will depend on whether we can get consulate appointments or not. So, it's another wait and see kind of week. I promise to post when we get travel approval.

We had a little schnazoo with our visas. The courier in DC who takes our passports to the Chinese consulate to get our Chinese visas, called on Tuesday and left a message on a voice mail system that we never check. If someone calls while we're on the phone this messaging system kicks in. Well, I didn't get the message until Thursday morning (he didn't bother to try the other two numbers we gave him or to call back to see why we hadn't responded to his message). He called to say that he needed a copy of Miyah's Chinese passport picture page to process our visas. I immediately faxed that to him, but since he was already out working that day and it takes four days to process the visas, I was worried we'd just set us back a few days that we didn't have to spare if we're leaving March 6th. Well, apparently all is well with the visas. THANK GOD!!

We had beautiful weather last week. It was 75 degrees on Tuesday so we got out and played as much as we could. It wasn't a good week for trying to get things done for our trip.

I'm sure you noticed the photos of Miyah with her new friend, Grace. Grace and her mom came over for lunch after playgroup on Thursday and the girls jumped on the trampoline. You have to love the hair!! They were like little conductors of electricity.

And the photos below are from a Valentine's bowling party Megan and Miyah went to with our homeschool group and a roller skating outing with Megan and her friends a couple of weeks ago (I'm a little behind). Miyah and I tagged along and Miyah had her first try at roller skating. She did amazingly well on roller skates. She quickly insisted on skating without holding my hand, but there were only scant moments of bravery when she wanted to leave the carpet for the rink. Poor thing would wipe out the moment she set foot on that wood floor, but she tried several times.

Ah, I have fond memories of my childhood and early adolescence at the Roller Dome and that strobe light just takes you back...

Cool Slideshows

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Oh, and I finally added Chinese New Year photos in my previous post.

Have a great week!!

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Amy said...

What an exciting week with a TA on the way! I hope it comes!!!

Katie Jo said...

Now that is some static!!!!!!!!
Katie Jo

Amy said...

Man!!! I thought you would have your TA this week! I hope it comes early next week! The wait just goes on and on!

Leda Perry said...

LOVE the hair pics, they are just way too cool!