Thursday, February 08, 2007


Mei Lin (Pan Jun Xia)
Now almost 13 mos (4 mos in photos)
Kunming, Yunnan, China
LID 3/07/06
LOI 11/30/06
SCL 2/08/07
(sorry, the acronyms are for adoptive families following dates)


At 11:15 this morning Amanda from CHI called to say we got our confirmation letter from China!! I was in the library talking to friends while our children were playing games on the computer. When I saw it was CHI I stepped away from everyone because I was kind of loud (and excited!). Poor Miyah later noticed me "missing" and began crying.
In all the excitement I forgot to tell her I would be around the corner.

Travel approval has been taking about 2 weeks from confirmation, but the CCAA will be closed the week of the 19th for Chinese New Year, so that may hold up our travel approval a bit. From there, we're not sure what our travel dates might be. We're guessing late March/early April, but we're praying we travel over the kids' spring break around March 20! That would be perfect. It would be even more perfect if we got our travel dates and could make travel arrangements by Feb 28 so we could use some travel money (from Pat's employer) before it expires!
God's amazing and we'll be happy to go in HIS perfect timing!

This means we can officially post her pictures! We think she is just beautiful. She's about 4 months old in the photos and her poor little head had been shaved recently for what appears to have been an IV (we can see a little red mark on the top of her head). Miyah's head looked like this when we got her following a stay in the hospital for pneumonia. The nice little row of hair behind the shaved area looks hopeful! She may have some hair when we get long as they haven't continued to shave it, which is likely.

We're so relieved and excited! Thank you, God, for this little blessing!

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness!!! Wow! She is the most beautiful baby!!!I have been looking forward to seeing her face! I am very happy for you!

Leda Perry said...

SOOO happy for you!!! Couldn't wait to check your blog after I saw it posted on the elist :)

It won't be long now!!

Shannon said...

She is sweet and what a blessing! Can't wait to follow your journey back to China!

Jeff and Michelle said...

What a sweetie! Congratulations! We also have a referral from Kunming right now, but are waiting on more information! Maybe you will see our little darling when you go!

Best wishes!


Anita Hiehle said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the "official news"!! Mei Lin is just so petite and beautiful and I know how much you want to bring her home. Prayers for that TA to get here quickly!! Blessings! Anita, Mark, Kaylin and kiddos (N'ville Waiting Families)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's so pretty! I'm very happy for you.
Lurker from France...

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Congrats!!! She is beautiful!
LID 2/27/06

Terri said...

so cute. this first pic she is holding up her she is ready for a formal cup of tea. The second pic she looks more serious...negotiating for that a cup of tea. I can hardly wait for you to bring her home!

Laura (mom to 414) said...

Congratulations Cindy, to you and your family. May your travels be speedy and safe!