Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Family Day, Miyah!!!

Three years ago today, in a sweaty little room in Guangzhou, China, we met our sweet little peanut, Miyah, for the very first time.
She was 12 months old and looking a little frightened by the whole ordeal. Poor little thing.
She is literally and sincerely a dream come true, a prayer answered, and more than we could've ever hoped for.
Simply Precious
And here she is three years later!

We celebrated at PF Changs last night. Miyah loves the book Kite Flying by Grace Lin and has been asking to fly her kite a lot this past week, so we decided to give her the silk butterfly kite we bought for her in China. Unfortunately, it wasn't windy enough for kite flying today.

Happy Family Day, Miyah!

We love you this much (((((arms stretched wide)))))....ALWAYS and FOREVER....

good days, bad days, happy and sad days...we ALWAYS love you!!

7 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

She is such a treasure! I remember the video you made of her adoption. That is how I found your web page. I can remember the joy in all your eyes! Happy family day!

cheepette8 said...

Happy Family day from one March Monkey to another :).

LaLa said...

What a beauty!!! Congrats on your family day! Hope to see you guys soon : )

mommy24treasures said...

happy happy family day! I hope your day was wonderful. I wish you many blessings in the upcoming year with your little treasure.

Sharon Flath said...

I remember that sweet little baby! I watched your video of gotcha day a million time with tears rolling down my cheeks. (I'm a sap!) Great shots!!

Beverly said...

Aww Happy Family Day


Hopingforsix said...

Awww..she is just beautiful!! Happy family day!!