Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nandy, Nandy!!

Pictured: Thatcher, Elizabeth, Mei Lin, and Miyah
(aka Pumpkin, Cowgirl, Minnie, and Mickey Mouse)
Happy Halloween!

The girls and I met up with some friends for our tradition of trick-or-treating at Children's Hope. All the ladies at CHI are so great.

They love to see the little ones and the little ones love the candy....kidding, the girls really do love all the ladies there, too.
We went to the CHI office a few weeks ago and Miyah said, "This is where we go trick-or-treating!". They actually do a lot of other wonderful things there besides hand out candy once a helping make families through adoption!
With Amanda, our social worker.

Oh, and the "Nandy, Nandy" title is Mei Lin begging for candy. There is no doubt she has a sweet tooth. We couldn't get her to eat any meals today because she only wanted candy. She doesn't understand quite yet that she doesn't get any "nandy" if she doesn't eat her meals. The worried look on her face in the picture up there with Amanda is because we cut her off at one piece of candy...notice the lollipop in her hand. She couldn't get anyone to agree to open it for her, but she was persistant. She didn't cry, she just went and asked another person.

2 incredible comments!:

LaLa said...

Such cuteness!!! We didn't make it by the CHI office but looks like it was fun!

Katie Jo said...

I can't believe I forgot about the CHI trick or treating!!
Your girls are so cute, Sophie says she wants a sister! Someday... Love seeing your blog updates, really need to meet Mei Lin