Monday, February 11, 2008

One Last CNY Celebration (or two)

Saturday was Children's Hope's Chinese New Year Party. It's always fun to catch up with families we haven't seen in a while. Pat was at a meeting and Matt was working, so the girls and I went. But, we didn't stay too long as Miss Megan has a busy social calendar.
About halfway through the meal Mei Lin was upset I wouldn't let her play with her food or something, so she hid her face in the table for the rest of the meal....
she's stubborn, but she couldn't resist peeking every now and again.....

Check out the giraffe boots. Mei Lin couldn't wait to put these on when we got home from the CNY party. She found them at the store the night before and HAD to have them. She was ecstatic and laughed while repeating, "Happy giraffe boots...happy giraffe boots!" Her way of telling us she was happy with her purchase...and hey, shoes make me feel the same way.
Our family CNY celebration Saturday night was so nice. Since I did a lot of cooking for the Kai Lan party, I made Zodiac noodles, potstickers from the freezer, and egg rolls from the deli
Miyah with her "kangaroo" ears. There's a tail, too.

Then the neighbors joined us for the fireworks display!
Here's Ed with Ana.

Hannah, Mei Lin, and Megan
Miyah was SO excited about the fireworks. We almost didn't have them this year, but I'm so glad we did. I guess it's become a tradition now because everyone looks forward to it. (Ella and Miyah below)

Everyone but Mei Lin, that is.... she hid her face in Renee's shoulder.

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LaLa said...

So good seeing you on Saturday. Looks like you had a great party at home too. Hopefully, some of our "suggestions" will help with the party layout : )

The boots are great!!!

Amy said...

How cool is that! Fireworks for CNY. Maybe we should try that? Too bad you are not in that family photo Cindy. It's so hard to get a whole family photo isn't it?

mommy24treasures said...

I love that you took a pic of her pouting. How cute the way she would peek out.
The fireworks do sound like a wonderful tradition! Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing them :)