Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm a little heartsick this afternoon. I just checked on the sweet little man from Yunnan whose information I posted a couple of weeks back and his file has been returned to China! Please pray with me that his file is sent to another agency so he has another opportunity for an adoptive family to find him.

The disappointing thing is that I emailed the agency that held his file to ask when his file would be returned (and asked permission to post his information here) and they never responded (so I posted his info!). I so desperately want him to find his "mama and baba". I can only pray and believe that with China's new focus on special needs children, that he will get another opportunity to be placed in a loving family. I just hate that he's 8 already and has to keep do SO many children, but you know how it is when you get attached to one in particular.

But, I do need to add some good news! My sister's paperwork has finally made its way to China and has been logged in for the little guy they're hoping to bring home in the next few months. I don't think we're allowed to share photos of him yet, but you can catch up on all the details on their blog.
We are SO incredibly excited to meet our newest nephew!

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missy said...

I will keep him in my prayers. He is a handsome little boy and definitely needs a family to call his own. Keep us posted.

By the way, we must have been at the same CNY party, as I have all of the same pics : ) It was a great one-huh?

Tracy said...

Oh, Cindy....I talked to you earlier tonight, but I'm just reading your blog right now. I'm so sad about this little guy from Yunnan. I'll be praying for him, remembering that our little guy's file was sent back to China at least two times before showing up again at CHI. I'm praying that this little Yunnan man's file will show up again, too, just at the perfect time and place for his family to find him.

Sharon said...

Congratulations to your sister!! I will pray for your special little guy.

mommy24treasures said...

oh I know they each deserve a home... I too pray he is put onn another list.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Hi! We used COTW for the adoption of our daughter last June. I have heard that a family has requested that his file be returned to COTW because they are interested in adopting him. Not sure if the orphanage or CCAA will allow this, but we can all pray! I have a friend that is traveling to this orphanage next week and she is going to ask about him and his file.
Keep your fingers crossed!