Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This is for you, Sharon. She's posted a couple of comments asking where my Easter photos are, so I don't want to disappoint her.

The fact of the matter is, we came back from vacation the Friday night before Easter and I really didn't put much effort into Easter this year. I knew they'd be getting vacation souvenirs so I wanted to keep it simple. I did manage to buy one small thing for their baskets and my wonderful husband went and bought all the candy and Mei Lin's new basket ($2.97 at WalMart!) before we left. Then I went into the girl's closet and found a dress for each of them that still fit because I just didn't have the time or desire to go searching for dresses (I know, you don't believe I would turn down an opportunity to shop-but it's true). And instead of cooking a nice Easter dinner we went to PF Changs after church...not real Eastery, but we got a table without a wait.

And, I tried to remind myself that Easter isn't about new dresses and baskets and candy...though those things are fun. Last year we celebrated without any of those things and we had a wonderful Easter in China. None of that stuff matters when we remeber it's all about HIM.
The annual stress-inducing dying of the eggs. If you're wondering why "stress-inducing" you haven't dyed eggs with 2 or more preschoolers in a while. Try it next year...it only counts if you do it in YOUR kitchen. And dress one in a white shirt.

Never too old for candy...and money in Easter eggs.
Miyah going through the Resurrection Eggs.

Sorry, no pictures of Megan. She wouldn't let me take any while she was in her pajamas, then changed out of her Easter clothes as soon as she got home from lunch.

Happy (Belated) Easter!!

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Sharon said...

Those are GREAT Easter photos!! Thank you for doing that! ahah I knew you must have been rushed, jsut returnign from that big vacation but you still managed to have all the Easter frills!!! All those eggs and the dresses are soooo pretty!!! It always cheers me up to come visit your blog!!