Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mia!

It was another 4 year-old birthday party today...this time for sweet Mia. We met Mia and her mom and sister at a Valentine's party and they live in our neighborhood and have very similar families...a 17 year old son, 13(?) year old daughter, two more bio kids and then Mia whose now 4 and Gabriella whose 2 and both from Guatemala...almost exactly like us, only they have two extra bios and our adoptees are from different countries. It's rare to find families so similar, but God's good at showing us we're not alone in our insanity (kidding-I meant BLESSING)...there are others that answer the call to start all over through adoption. We're just getting to know this family and we're enjoying them a lot.

Here's Mia's sister, Gabby...isn't she sweet?
Miyah's enjoying the cupcake
......are you serious, I have frosting on my face???

I posted an Easter update'll have to scroll down a bit it's posted under April 1. I'm a little late as usual.

2 incredible comments!:

mommy24treasures said...

how cute!!! looks like it was such fun!

Julie said...

She is so adorable!