Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another Party, Another Holiday

October always starts our busy season...right into next Feb/March it seems like we have one holiday or birthday after another.

So, we're three down (two family birthdays and a holiday), about seven to go.

I'm just going to do a "catching up" post to get it all in here...

Last week we had Pilgrim Day #2 with some home school friends...actually we were all friends before we started homeschooling our little ones. Teresa has been putting together a Thanksgiving unit study. The girls are making a cute little pocket "book" while learning the history of the pilgrims and the first thanksgiving.

My friends are such a blessing!

Here are pics from Pilgrim Day #1 (over a week ago)
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (26)

Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (32)

Mei Lin loves Miss Anne...and her blankie and fingers.
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (48)

The girls measured the length of the Mayflower...90 ft long...and the width of a bus.
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (50)

Are you sensing the potential here?
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (74)

Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (82)

Bella and Elizabeth
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (102)

Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (156)
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (168)
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (106)
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (112)
Mei Lin
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (122)

Bella Monkey
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (10)

Anne and Teresa
Unit Study - Thanksgiving 10-08 (184)

And here are a few from Pilgrim Day #2 (this past week)
Pilgrim Day 2 (2)
The girls were running through the house pretending to be the town criers.
Pilgrim Day 2 (38)

And then they were the "tithing man" or church watchman who used his long fox-tail studded pole to tickle the parishioners who fell asleep.
Pilgrim Day 2 (90)

What is it with these monkeys? Teresa has this hanging from her ceiling to keep her little monkey from climbing furniture...I think I need one of these!
Pilgrim Day 2 (98)

The weather was perfect for taking a ride on a brand-spank'in-new-first-time-big-girl bike.

10-30-08 (26)

10-30-08 (4)

And after last year's mishap (remember?), we waited until the last night before Halloween to carve our pumpkins. Daddy got the job done while I made dinner then we had a "pumpkin-lit" dinner in the dining room.
10-30-08 (134)
Miyah loved the "guts"...want some?
10-30-08 (140)
10-30-08 (188)
10-30-08 (248)
This warty pumpkin is a "gift" from my friend, Heather. It's sort of a criticism of my taste in pumpkins. I happen to like the fairy tale pumpkins and she, along with some other friends, thinks they're ugly, so she bought me the ugliest pumpkin she could find to leave on my porch. Now that's UGLY!
10-30-08 (60)

Then, of course, there's the obligatory Trick-or-Treating pictures. Miyah wanted me to make her look ferocious and so Mei Lin wanted fancy makeup, too. I'm not too sure about it though...
Halloween 08 (12)

And, finally, Miyah's birthday party with friends at the "bouncy place."
Miyah's bday party 08 (34)
Believe it or not, of the dozen or so shots of this pose, this shot had the most children facing the camera...and two kind of scooched their way out of the frame.
Miyah's bday party 08 (30)

And Mommy, from the Womble Times, I haven't forgotten your tag...I hope to post in the next day or I have another tag or reward or something from way back in August that I've ignored for too long (sorry Sharon). Check back soon.

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Carla said...

Oh your Pilgrim day looks like fun. I'm such a slacker homeschooling mom.

and ewww...pumpkin guts! LOL Fun pumpkin lit dinner, I'll have to remember that one for next year.

Sharon said...

Don't worry! I know you are busy and there is never any pressure from me! haha

Great shots and such COOL things you all are doing for homeschooling. I ma still taking notes!

Mommy said...

Boy, that is a whirlwind of photos. You are becoming quite the photographer aren't you? Love the goopy guts shot. Yummy! Can't wait to hear the random weirdisms...I'll try to wait (somewhat)'s not my strong point ya know? :-)