Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy 4th Family Day, Miyah!

Today we celebrated Miyah's four year adoption anniversary. It's always fun to think back to that incredible, miraculous day!

I know I've posted this picture many times before (probably every year), but this one seems to best portray Miyah's "gotcha day". This is among the many moments in my life I'd love to relive over and over again. This is November 7, 2004...

This photo speaks so clearly, doesn't it? I don't remember her being so itty bitty.

But she's still fairly itty bitty, though she's grown and changed SO much! We are so greatful to God for this AMAZING gift!
Girls in leaves 11-08 (75)

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Girls in field 11-08 (173)

Girls in field 11-08 (146)

Girls in leaves 11-08 (70)

As we were in a field near Megan's school yesterday we saw two butterflies flying around us and Miyah said, "Mommy, look! That's a Mommy butterfly and a Daddy butterfly going to the butterfly orphanage to adopt their baby butterfly!" And as soon as she said that a third butterfly flew by us. I love how adoption is such a normal part of her world. She sees and hears of so many children being or having been adopted that she doesn't view it as anything other than "the way it is" and I'm so grateful for that.

When I woke up today it was raining so instead of my morning walk with my friend Jo (which I enjoy, by the way) I got to sleep in and snuggle with the girls as they woke up. After our "Happy Family Day" announcements we watched Mulan and made heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes (Miyah's favorite) in our pjs.

Later we met some friends for lunch and then we all went to a homeschool pottery class where the kids made gingerbread cookie plates.

As I put the girls down for a nap I asked Miyah what she wanted for her special Family Day dinner she said, "I want the brown chicken with the green stuff that we eat with rice." I couldn't figure out what she meant, until she grew impatient with me and said, "You know, it comes in that black container!" Aw! Mongolian Beef (brown chicken = beef) from PF Ch*angs! She sounded a little disappointed when I told her that I was cooking dinner tonight. I tried my best at something Chinese with "brown chicken," but let's face it, I can't compete with PF Ch*angs!

After dinner we gave Miyah a small gift we bought for her in China...a little gift from China for our little gift from China. This year I had a hard time deciding what to give her, but I chose a little panda tea set. I didn't know what she'd think because she's definitely NOT a girly girl and tea set says...well...girly girl. But she seemed excited when she remembered that Mulan had a tea set! She LOVES Mulan right now...watched it twice today because it was her "special day" as she continued to remind us.

After dinner, Matt and Megan had plans so we took the little ones shopping so Miyah could spend her birthday money. Did I ever mention that Mei Lin is having a hard time understanding that it's NOT her birthday? Everything Miyah chose, Mei Lin wanted to buy, too. NOTE for next year...take the birthday child ALONE. They did both end up with a horn for their bikes plus Miyah chose a bike basket and some animals (it's always about the animals). I think Miyah would have spent her money on Mei Lin if we hadn't stepped in. She has such a generous heart!

WE ARE BLESSED! Even though we play this as "Miyah's special day," it's a special day for her entire family. How do we even begin to thank God for such a gift? There's something that impresses on my heart so deeply when I look into those eyes and know that she's OURS. FOREVER! I know she's His, first and foremost, but we've been given the greatest honor and privilege of loving and raising this precious child.

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Amy said...

I remember finding your blog because of your great home coming video. Happy, blessed family day! The blog looks beautiful too!

Carla said...

Would be happy to email you, but I don't have your email address. If you leave it on the blog comments, I promise NOT to post it. :)

Happy Family Day!!

Kay Bratt said...

Wow! Your Gotcha Day photos are amazing-- such immediate love I can see...


Beverly said...

happy 4 years. she is adorable.

Sharon said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! Her family day is very special to me to as well as your example in all of this! As you well know!

Gorgeous shots and new pic/blog!

I can't see the collage so will have to come back. I am trying to get a good family photo for Christmas cards and keep wanting it to look, or capture that same feeling your first one did! I am beginning to think its hopeless! haha Thank God for your precious family Cindy!!

Jenn said...

Miyah and each of you are so blessed!!! You know I'm reminiscing with you. God is good!

mommy24treasures said...

you certainly are blessed, I love those gotcha day moments. She was so darling:)
I too love to remember and reflect on each moment of meeting my chldren for the first time. I love the pics that are present pics as well. Great shots.