Monday, December 22, 2008

The Breakfast Club

Emilio Estevez? Judd Nelson? High School detention?


A dozen incredible women? Amazing Support? 6:30 AM at Cracker Barrel?


This was our second monthly breakfast and since we're making this a monthly outing I guess we can call it a club.

This amazing group of ladies includes adoptive moms and adoptive moms-to-be. I love these ladies and look forward to our time of fellowship. This month we had a few new faces as our little group grows with women longing for the support and fellowship that can only be understood by fellow adoptive moms. We've each been through that long, painful wait to bring home our children and all the blessings and challenges of adoption. Several have been blessed with special needs children that require multiple surgeries and ongoing medical care, and a few have lost a child and can share in the "fellowship of the suffering".

I'm so grateful that God has brought us all together. We really DO need each other. And I am truly blessed to call these ladies "sisters".

Amy and Tisra have written about our morning breakfast, as well as Leslie's post from last month. I forgot my camera both times, but Amy and Leslie captured both occasions.

Amy is waiting for her little Ruby from China and has three of the most adorable little guys you'd ever want to see. She also happens to be a part of that fellowship of the suffering. Amy has the sweetest spirit.

Tisra is a new friend. I just met her this weekend, but I'm sure I'll be getting to know her better soon. She is a mother of three and waiting for her fourth child from Taiwan. I found out she also homeschools and lives two minutes away.

Leslie is mommy to three sweet kids. She adopted Susannah this past fall from Kunming, China (Mei Lin's age and from the same orphanage). Susannah has had a severe heart defect repaired since coming home and will have her cleft lip repaired in March. Leslie is an amazing woman with a strong love for God and his children.

Anne is mommy to Elizabeth, one of my girls' best friends and she's had a long wait for her Clare in China. We can't wait for that referral! Anne is one of the most loving people I know. Her and her husband (and Elizabeth) just exude God's love. She's also a homeschooling mommy.

Heather is mommy to five kids now, two biological, three adopted. All three adopted children have special needs requiring frequent doctor visits and surgery. Amazingly they are looking into adopting one more little girl to round out a family of eight. I know I've mentioned before that Heather is like the Energizer bunny. She's ALWAYS going and always joyful. She and her husband have a huge heart for people and for orphans in particular and have taken in dozens of foster children over the years. Heather homeschools her 6 year old, Wyatt.

Jo is mommy to two sweet children adopted from China. Her Grace is Miyah's great friend and Anna is now living with Jesus in heaven. Jo is a strong, giving woman. She always has the right perspective on a given situation and a great story to go with it! Jo is the initiator and organizer of our little breakfasts.

Teresa is mommy to one biological and one adopted daughter. Isabella (from China) is Miyah's good friend and we always enjoy our visits with Teresa and Bella. Teresa is a cancer survivor and a sweet, giving woman. Even through her most difficult times I've never seen Teresa frustrated or angry. She emulates a love for life that I admire. Teresa also homeschools her girls.

Stefanie is mommy to three sweet kiddoes; two biological boys and one little girl she adopted the same time we adopted Mei Lin. She's blessed with daughter, Corinne, who has special needs including a repaired heart defect. Stefanie is beyond sweet because she's sweet, but so real and always thinking of others. When Anna was in ICU she planned our little prayer vigil with Jo. When Leslie was in China getting Susannah, she organized a little prayer group for them. I could go on. She's helped in so many ways. Stefanie homeschools, as well.

Angela is mommy to four kids, two biological and two adopted. Her two adopted girls are my girls' ages and the youngest, Claire, is from Mei Lin's orphanage. Claire has just today completed her eighth surgery since coming home in June. Please pray for her recovery. That girl is a trooper and we can't wait until the day she'll be running around with our Mei Lin. Angela is a caring, generous friend. She's been with me through both adoptions and has been a constant source of support for so many.

Patrice is mom to three biological grown children and two adopted little ones. Patrice has one of the sweetest spirits I've ever known. She always has a kind word and even though she doesn't look a day over thirty, she's adorned with that beauty of motherly love for everyone she meets. Her wisdom and grace are always an encouragement. Patrice homeschools her kindergartener.

And Robin is mommy to one adopted daughter and waiting for her second from China. I haven't had much opportunity to get to know Robin as of yet, but I hope that will change soon. Robin also has shared in the suffering of losing a child.

I'm so thankful for each of these women and their loving support.
The miracle of this little group is that as we began emailing back and forth before this month's breakfast, we all became sentimental and sappy about how much each of these ladies means to each of us and most of us had stories of praying for friends just like we've found here.
God has truly heard all of our prayers and knit our hearts together.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not in your group "officially", but feel that you have given me much the same support that your group gives you....thus you are a part of my "group", of which all are online friends (there is you and one other wonderful, special adoptive mom). However, my local "group" is beginning to form itself, as I have been contacted by 2 local families here that are now pursuing their own China adoption after watching ours!!! God is working, and I am seeing it all now!

So thank you for your participation in my little "group" here in IL.......I hope that someday we can meet in person and let me give you the hug that you so deserve from me!

In Him,