Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holding-On to Fall

I think I've probably mentioned already how much we love fall at our house, but I haven't posted many pictures from all the days my girls spend in the leaves. So here are some leaf-playing pictures from one day last month.

Miyah would love nothing more than to rake the leaves all day. I kept asking her to please put her rake down and move away from the pile so we could play in them and she insisted that there were more leaves to include in that pile! And of course she's right. There are always more leaves no matter how much you rake.
What amazes me though is the number of games they can come up with that involve a pile of leaves.
Leaf Fun 11-08 (109)
Leaf Fun 11-08 (140)
Leaf Fun 11-08 (3)
Efficiency (or impatience) at its best. Why wait for them to fall?
Leaf Fun 11-08 (11)
Happy Raker
Leaf Fun 11-08 (20)

Leaf Fun 11-08 (29)
Leaf Fun 11-08 (146)
Leaf Fun 11-08 (160)Leaf Fun 11-08 (201)
One of their games: Pile the Leaves on Levi - You'll see how well that went over...
Leaf Fun 11-08 (154)
Then they crashed their little bike into the pile
Leaf Fun 11-08 (205)
Our neighbor, Josiah, came home and joined us for some leaf-throwing fun. Leaf Fun 11-08 (228)Leaf Fun 11-08 (233)
And finally, the AMBUSH!
Leaf Fun 11-08 (250)Leaf Fun 11-08 (251)Leaf Fun 11-08 (252)Leaf Fun 11-08 (253)

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