Saturday, March 03, 2007

One more thing....Update on Mei Lin!!!

(Okay, sorry for the excessive use of the dot, dot, dots.....).

We got an update on Mei Lin on Wednesday (Feb 28th). No new pictures or I would have posted them immediately. We did get measurements and it looks like she's a healthy girl!

I don't know exactly when the measurments were taken, but I'm guessing sometime in the last month, at 13 months of age.

She is 29 inches tall (up to Miyah's nose) and nearly 20 lbs (probably a pound or two of clothes on - they really bundle). We can actually plot her on a chart (unlike Miyah), and she's about in the 50 percentile for height and close to 60-70 percentile for weight.

She weighs only about six pounds less than Miyah and she's 2 years and 2 months younger!

It's really good to know that she's grown and is a healthy weight, especially with her heart defect.

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Jeff and Michelle said...

How wonderful that you got an update! We have been waiting for one as well!!
Best Wishes,