Thursday, March 08, 2007

*****T R A V E L * A P P R O V A L*****

Karolyn at CHI sent an email this morning informing us that we have TA!!!! One year and one day from our log-in-date!

She's requested our consulate appointment and once that's confirmed, we'll be set!

Here's the tentative itinerary:

Tues, March 27: Leave the US
Wed, March 28: Arrive in BJ
Thurs, March 29-Sat March 31: Sightseeing in Beijing
Sun, April 1: travel to Kunming, Yunnan Province
Mon, April 2 : MEET MEI LIN!!!
Tues, April 3 : adoption process (notary and registration)
Wed, April 4 - Fri, April 6: Sightseeing and free days in Kunming
Sat, April 7: fly to Guangzhou
Sun, April 8: free day (Easter in China!)
Mon, April 9 : medical exam for Mei Lin
Tues, April 10 : ACS (consulate) appt (or April 11) & Farewell dinner
Wed, April 11: get visa back and return home after 8:00pm OR return home Thurs, April 12th. - This will depend on when the date of the consulate appt.

I can't believe it! It's happening for real!!

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Amy said...

Praise God!!! Congratulations! I hope I'm right behind you!

The Byrd Family said...

I am a CHI mom also and we have one daughter from China (Lottie) and we have a special needs who just came home from South Korea. I have been following your website and praying for you to get your TA! I am so happy for you! There is a woman named Susan in Guangzhou, she owns Susans Place next door to Jennifer's Place and my husband led her to Christ in 8/2005 and she sure would love for you to come by and pray with her. She feels very lonely even in her own family because they are not Christian. We still e-mail with her and she is amazing! She will know my husband's name, Greg Byrd, if you want to meet her. Congratulations again! Hugs, Kim

Kayce said...

Congrats!!! I hope you will fill us in on the adventure while you're in China!

Leda Perry said...

Congrats! I am just catching up tonight! I hope you have an awesome trip - and I can't wait to see updated pictures of your little girl. ALL the babies were so cute on our trip - and chunky too! (or strong as the Chinese say!)

Laura B. Mackinson said...

Congratulations on TA for your Kunming cutie! We look forward to following your trip and hope we will be coming soon after (probably July). I can't wait to see new photos of Mei Lin!!
Best wishes for a safe & speedy trip and return. --Laura & Robert (CHI family waiting for Ella who's also in Kunming)

Sharon Flath said...

I'm so happy for you!! Have a wonderful trip and God bless!
Sharon Flath

Amy said...

Hi, Did you get a Consulate appointment? You must be getting excited! Only 2 more weeks!