Tuesday, June 05, 2007


No, it isn't really that time already (Thank God!). Pat's just scratched the itch to go back for his MBA. So, it's back to school for Daddy! The kids find it satisfying to watch him read and study for exams.

And, of course, Matt's next! Hard to believe but he'll be a junior this year. My baby...blah, blah, blah....I know you hear it all the time, but I have to say it because it becomes more apparent every day....he's growing up way too fast! He'll be 17 next week!!

And so he's begun studying for his SAT, ACT, and PS2...huh, that isn't an exam? But he keeps asking to practice his PS2 and I assumed it was a college entrance exam!

He says he's actually enjoying studying for his SAT and he takes more than the required one hour to study each day. THAT is hard to believe. This is the child who'd sweat and moan and become insolent on standardized testing days.

He's also doing Algebra 2 this summer so he can get all the Algebra in before SAT time. No, I'm not teaching it. We bought a computer program to tutor him. I'm such a mean mom, aren't I?

Don't think I don't value summer breaks. They deserve a break and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having them all home. I really do. I never understood parents who dreaded summer break (it's quite sad really). It's just that so much of their days will be computer, tv, and video games if I don't give them something more constructive to do. They're beyond 'going out to play' at this age.

So, there's also the summer reading list.

Megan’s Summer Reading List (*=required)
• *QBQ
• *Flipping the Switch
• *The Fred Factor
• *Basket of Flowers
• *Little Women
• *One book from Chronicles of Narnia Series
Plus pick at least one:
• Dragon King Trilogy
• Freckles
• Girl of the Limberlost
• Tales from Shakespeare
• Sherlock Holmes
• Anne of Green Gables
• Robinson Crusoe

Matt’s Summer Reading List
• *For School: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Deadliest Monster
• *How to Win Friends and Influence People
• *How to Read a Book (SAT prep)
• *Flipping the Switch
• *Fred Factor
• Murder Must Advertise (any Lord Peter Wimsey Novels) by Dorothy Sayers
• Publish and Perish
• Pride and Predator
Each day:
• One hour/day of SAT Prep
• And Algebra 2

Megan's already read most of her required list so I'll have to add some more. Pat has required each of them to read The QBQ, Flipping the Switch, and Fred Factor (each short and very easy-reads) and pays them to do so (for some of them). I'm just mean and make them read them because it's good for them...imagine that!

I have my own little reading list, but I'm not going to post it because I know I won't get through more than Green Eggs and Ham and Make Way for Ducklings. I'm using my summer evenings right now to catch up on past seasons of 24.

Ouch, now I feel like a hypocrite. I better go find a book to read.

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Amy said...

Nicole is odd, I don't need to find her something to do. But the boys would play on the computer or watch tv all day long if I didn't find them a task. Thomas can read, but Philip is really having trouble learning to read. It is a big task! I think you do it very well!