Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Updates on Shelby

Shelby with her mother (and another woman) in China

We've received a few more updates on Shelby. The family and doctors need your prayers more than ever. Shelby isn't improving and it seems like she may even be worse. Her oxygen levels are low which makes her feel weak and tired and she'll defintely need another major surgery. Yesterday she underwent catheterization to stent open the graft they placed in the surgery last week (it had closed) to allow blood flow to one lung again. That was successful, but she still has a long way to go and will most likely be on oxygen until they can perform the next surgery in a few months.

Her mom gave the following prayer requests:

1) first, that we can bring her home soon, and that her spirits will stay up despite her new physical limitations. We hope her newly formed trust for us will span this rough period. She thought that surgery was going to make her feel better, but she really feels worse right now, and the feeling better stage will yet be a long time coming.

2)second, that her left lung will flourish under the new blood flow, (think BIG GROWING BLOOD VESSELS!)

3)Third, that our family will make the adjustments necessary to accomodate Shelby's condition. (and stay healthy, Shelby will be much more susceptible to viruses etc. during this time.)

2 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

She is an amazingly beautiful girl. I will pray for her whole family in these very hard days.

Amy said...

What home school material do you use? I don't know if I can challenge the home school law in Germany because I'm an American, but I need a way to educate my son Philip. He is failing the 1st grade again. They want to dump him in a school for "problem" kids. It is a dead end, and I will not send him to such a place! They actually send Germans to jail for home schooling. I'm American so I hope I can find a way around this.