Friday, June 15, 2007

Meeting Old Friends

Are other adoptive mothers like me? In the busyness of day-to-day life, when it's hard to remember a time without their adopted child, does something cause them to pause and wonder about the months before they came into their new family? Do we all wonder about the people they knew and spent those first important days with?

I'm hopelessly curious and would move heaven and earth to piece together my daughters' pasts. But I'm afraid the tiny fragments are all we'll ever have.

Thankfully, we do know some of the precious little ones that our daughters spent their first year or more with. And this week we got a special treat. We got a visit from Jada, the little girl who slept in a crib next to Miyah's during their first year in the orphanage. They most likely whiled away their days babbling and playing together between crib bars. Jada is staying with us while her mom is here on business and then we will spend the weekend with them both.

The girls are having so much fun together. We live quite a distance apart and so they haven't seen each other since their adoption in China. Even though they don't remember one another, it's like they're old friends. When I mentioned that to Jada's mother she said, "Well they've known each other longer than we have!"

And I guess that's true.

Wednesday we picked them up from the hotel and went to the zoo and then took lunch to the 'fountain park' for som water fun.

Feeding the lorikeets at the zoo

Playing in the fountains

'Two little monkeys....'

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Shelly said...

Jane shared you blog with us and it is wonderful. I am so happy Jane and Jada got to spend time with you.
Jada is in our Ladybug Playgroup here in Kansas but she is just a tad younger than the other girls. I bet she really had fun with a sister from China just her own size and age.
You family is beautiful and you have a great web sight, maybe I'll be motivated to Blog.
I loved the pictures of the girls together, thanks for sharing.
Shelly in KS