Saturday, February 02, 2008

FCC Chinese New Year Party

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Amy said...

I wish my kids could be part of something like that.

mommy24treasures said...

hmmm that's odd... No one else has said its a problem. I am so sorry. I have IE, AOL and Mozilla Firefox and can see them on all 3.
It seems like I had one friend once that had trouble but it was because her husband had loaded some kind of pop up spyware blocker thing and he adjusted the level and then she could. See if you see them like this with just one post paste this in your browswer

Let me know if you see them
Love your slideshow.

mommy24treasures said...

also this link tells people about troubleshooting

LaLa said...

Such a fun time!!! Good seeing you : )

Sharon said...

Hi Cindy,
That looks like a fantastic event and the girls dresses are spectacular. What a rich sight they are. I love the shot of Pat holding Mei lyn. Is she still such a daddy's girl? I have warned John that he could end up being more a key player then he realizes as in primary parent for awile. That scares us both to death because works so much. The next day he began thinking how he better go ahead and warn his partners how he needs alot of time off in May etc. So I am really grateful to have known about her attachement to Pat so we could be a little more prepared for that possible situation. (Maybe I shouldn't let John come to gotcha day!! haha)