Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh So Handsome!

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Ooohh...this little guy is SO handsome and looks so sweet, he deserves a loving home. Apparently he's been on Children of the World's Special Needs list for a while. He's in Yunnan province and appears to be at the Kunming CWI or possibly living in the foster village (where our Mei Lin is from). I know these children are given excellent care. If you go to our China trip blog, you'll see pictures of the facility from our visit to the Kunming CWI (you'll have to scroll down to the bottom set of photos). This little guy turned 8 in November and has a repaired cleft lip and palate (first degree). I don't know a lot about clefts, but his appears to be mild and well-corrected. He may need further surgery and possibly speech therapy, but I would guess that it's possible he's received some therapy and whatever surgery he needs right now (that's just a guess because the orphanage seems to be very good about taking care of medical needs).

He's even holding the same type of toy that one of the physical therapists at the CWI (Children's Welfare Institute) gave to Mei Lin during our visit. This woman seemed to genuinely LOVE Mei Lin.

If you feel even a little tug on your heart, would you please pray and consider giving him a home? I'm sure he'd love a mommy and a daddy!

3 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

He is beautiful. I pray he finds his family soon. Boys always wait so long!

Sharon said...

I love how you keep these children on your busy agenda, Cindy. You have such a generous and loving heart.
God bless them all and your fantastic family.

missy said...

I will pray that he finds a loving family. He is such a doll. Thanks for posting his photo and reminding others of the sweeties who still need homes.