Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach Getaway

Megan spent two weeks at the beach with Hannah and her family. She had the best time! Here are a few photos...

Megan and Hannah

I'm sure she's talking to me...tellingme how much she misses me;)

I have no explanation for this...
Boogie boarding

BTW, I've caught up on the last couple of weeks with about a million posts and pictures below...

2 incredible comments!:

Kelly, Mom to the Putty's said...

Oh! I miss the beach. Love your pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your prayers. Still waiting to hear something. If you don't mind I'll add you as a link on my blog so I can keep up with yall.

Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog. You do such a great job! Jerry and I especially loved watching it while you were in San Antonio with Brielle while Max, Tracy and kids were in China.

We appreciated you and your Mom giving Brielle such a great time. You kept her too busy to get homesick.

Blessings on you and your beautiful family.
Donna Goodrich