Monday, July 28, 2008

Can You Help?

How would you like to use that toilet everyday? This is the "bathroom" the children share at the Shizong Orphanage in Yunnan, China.

It looks awful, but what's worse and what the photo doesn't tell you is that the SMELL is unbearable in that little room because the "squatty" doesn't flush. Can you imagine the filth and disease?

The children don't have a warm shower, just a hose pipe in the ceiling, which you can imagine doesn't get used much, especially in the winter months. There's no sinks to wash their hands and faces or brush their teeth.

The children at Shizong will live every day of their childhood in this place without much, if any, hope of being adopted because there is no international adoption program for this orphanage. The conditions here are deplorable. There's just no money and the kids suffer greatly.

But there IS good news! My friend, Jeannie, is raising money to build a new bathroom facility for the children in Shizong and she needs to raise $5,000.

If you could, please go over to her blog and donate $10 or so to give these children a healthier environment.

Click on:
Annabelle's Wish

Thank you!

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Michelle said...

I will donate for sure. But I have to wait until Wednesday(payday:)