Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth (and Fifth) of July

I hope you're ready for a lotta red, white, and blue!
We love the 4th of July around here.
The 4th of July neighborhood kiddie parade tradition continues!
It's funny because a few of you already asked me if the girls won an award in this year's kiddie my question for you is...what makes you think we care about winning?
Could it be the $$$ spent on anything red, white, and blue?
The hours spent decorating?
Pat's late night excursions to the neighbor's garages scoping out the competition?
I'm kidding. But sadly, it's not too far from the truth;).
Well, like most obsessive behaviors, this can all be traced back to childhood issues. Pat's sister sent us some pictures of Pat and his brothers and sister from when they were little and one of the pictures will explain it'll have to scroll down a bit to see the photo.

Our two American Girls in their over-done bike and stroller.
Ella, Miyah, Mei Lin, and Hannah ready to ride in the parade.
It was raining and all these (crazy) neighbors still came out for the parade.

Miyah's favorite part is the popcicle. It didn't matter that we were standing out in the rain, she wanted to stick around for the after-parade popcicle.

Wet, sticky, and stained. Is there a better way to celebrate?

And here it is, the tell-all picture. I guess some traditions (ahem..competitions) die hard. Pat's in the front. I've told him we're expecting a replica next year.

And just because you're dying to know (not because I care!), the girls each got 3rd place in their divisions (stroller and tricycle). Looks like we have our work cut out for us next year!
Later that night we headed over to Angela and Richard's home for ice cream and fireworks. AND we met their newest American citizen, Miss Claire, who just came home from Mei Lin's orphanage in China while we were in San Antonio. She's so sweet!
BTW, she won 2nd place in the stroller division, but we still love her. She's giving us the "better luck next year, sucker" look, isn't she.

Hannah and Miyah watching fireworks (and Megan and Matt with Jacob in the back).

On the 5th, Ken and Kelly (from Awaiting Addie) invited us over for a cookout and fireworks. We had a great time.

I got a break as several adults were sweet enough to entertain the girls...including Kevin, who was brave enough to supervise the ice cream sandwich eating.

And I'm not at all sure what to title these ?? Miyah walked up to me like this and said, "Mom this would be a cute picture! Pirate Bunny!" so how could I resist. Then, of course, Mei Lin said, "Me too, mommy!"

I hope you all had a great 4th!

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zionshope said...

NF (Not funy!) I just wrote you a message and the computer ate it! Okay I'll try to be funny again! Great 4th and 5th of July pictures! Love the BUNNY PIRATES (i think your daughter is picking up on your photo momnets well!) GTGTB TT do you know what that stands for? Got to go to bed TOTALLY TIRED. I feel like I'm in High School! Thanks for the great photos! Next time I want to see you in RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Did you have popsicle mess on your shirt? Keeping it REAL LOL (lot's of Love not Laugh out loud!)
Heather .............. Oh i forgot the next american citizen better be my little ZION, I need my labor drugs! Can you tell! LOL

Barrington said...

I always love your 4th shots!! you all are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood!!

Jenn said...

Okay, you guys are OUT.OF.CONTROL. with the 4th decorations!! You crack me up!!!!

Hoping to set up a time to get together soon...we may be making a move back to Franklin...we'll see!

mommy24treasures said...

the parade looks like SOOO much fun!