Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

I can't believe how old she's getting! Last week Megan started her 8th grade year at her tutorial. It'll be a busy fall for her...she's at tutorial two days a week, and is homeschooled the other three days, but we'll only do math, geography, and a civics unit study at home this year. She's also dancing five days a week this year and is partipating in the dance company. She loves her new dance studio and will be able to have Miss Becky (from her previous studio) teach her one day a week. Miss Becky is such a blessing to have as a mentor and we're glad to keep her:). If you've read Megan's post about her dance intensive this summer, there's no doubt she's passionate about dancing...you can also read Becky's post about the intensive. She has such a heart for these young girls.

Miyah and Mei Lin had their first day of school today, but we're just easing into it with a few subjects. Miyah isn't technically old enough for kindergarten (5 late in October), but the beauty of homeschooling is that we don't go by age and grades, but plug away at what she's ready to learn. And she loves her new schoolwork and loves to call me "teacher" all day long.

Mei Lin is only 2 1/2 but she can (or tries to) participate in quite a bit, though sometimes we simply have to find things to occupy her. She wants to do EVERYTHING Miyah does, but she's just not able.

The girls' good friend and neighbor, Ella, was here and it made our first day all the better. They did Bible, calendar, math, and science together.

Matt's at school camp this week and begins classes next week. I'll have to post his first-day picture...if he lets me take one

Happy Back-to-School to you all!

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Michele said...

Cute picture Megan!! And where did you get that awesome background for your blog????

Amy said...

I agree...the blog looks great! Again, you are so blessed to have the home school choice. I love many things about Germany but I feel so many freedoms just are not ours. Home school is not legal here! Your kids are so blessed!!! Thomas actually accepted Christ last night. We just have to get good at teaching our kids to stand in a very un- Christian world. I’m sure you have to work very hard to teach your kids at home. At least you have that right. God bless your year together! I pray God gives you creativity and strength! I bet you’re a great teacher!