Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Chapmans in the Media Again

I'm sure by now you've seen the recent interviews with Stephen and Mary Beth Chapman...Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and People magazine...if you haven't you must to do a YouTube* search and pick up this week's copy of People. I also just found out they'll be on Focus on the Family tomorrow sharing their story of adopting Shaohannah (this may be a re-airing of an earlier interview) and next week they'll be sharing about their loss of Maria. You can find your local station airing the broadcast by clicking HERE. Here's a little blurb....

Steven Curtis Chapman on Adoption

There are 150 million orphans around the world - have you ever thought about adopting one? Today's broadcast will encourage you to consider the possibility as recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman shares how he and his wife, Mary Beth, adopted a baby girl named Shaohannah from an orphanage in China. You'll want to tune in next week, too, as Chapman returns to our broadcast studio to discuss the recent death of his daughter Maria Sue, and how faith in God has sustained the Chapman family in the wake of this tragic loss.

"Caring for orphans at any level, I believe, is the most visible picture of the Gospel we'll ever see or show to the world around us."
- Steven Curtis Chapman

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Sharon said...

I was just thinking about this subject since I have talked to a few people who didn't even know the Chapmans had adopted children much less the accident. I was surprised since the adoption community sees so much of the coverage.

I also love your school room below. We used to have that smae table. I wish we still had it. What curreculum are you using for this preschool? I want to try with bailey in a few yrs and since i've never done it I'd love to look it ovwer and get an idea of how.

LOve your new blog look!!!! Really pretty!