Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time with Friends

"Every good thing is better if you can share it with a friend."
Pam Brown
The last couple of weeks, we've caught up with a few friends we haven't seen much this busy summer.
Friday, Heather and her kids came over to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics with us. Heather will be traveling to China in a month or so to get her little guy, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to celebrate with Chinese food...weren't the opening ceremonies amazing?
Whitney made us this awesome olympic cookie. Chinese food and chocolate chip cookies are strangely complimentary, I think.

Pat and Matt went on a rafting trip with the men from church, so Heather and her daughter, Whitney, spent the night and helped me paint and decorate Miyah and Mei Lin's room. Actually, Heather did so much of the work. She's incredible! Like the Energizer bunny...she's always at least five steps ahead of me. She did such an amazing job painting, sawing, drilling, sewing a cute little valance, and helping me decide on fabrics and colors. Thank you, Heather!!

We ordered bunk beds since we think Miyah's old enough to sleep on the top bunk now. It will be a huge surprise because she's been begging for bunk beds for nearly a year. I'll take some photos once the bunks are in the room and all the finishing touches have been made on Heather's masterpiece.

(Below) Whitney and Megan helped, too!

Never a dull moment.

Megan, Heather, Whitney


Earlier last week we had a playdate with my friend, Stefanie, and her kids. I grabbed my camera when the kids headed out into her abundant garden. They picked and ate tomatoes and strawberries, and we got bagfuls of goodies to take home.

Stefanie's sweet Davis.

The week before we introduced Mei Lin to her new friend, Anna. Anna (Grace's new baby sister) came home from China in June and we couldn't wait to get them together. Anna has a heart defect and goes in for a heart cath. in a couple weeks, so please keep her in your prayers.

Mei Lin and Anna playing together.

Miyah and Grace are always up to something.

Don't mess with the Supergirls!
And earlier that week, we met up with Anne and Elizabeth for lunch at the mall and playtime in the play area.

I had to throw this in...Miyah drew this little rabbit on her magna doodle a few weeks ago. Isn't he cute?

Ah, all caught up. I've been trying to prepare for the new school year so haven't had much time to post. Our fall schedule looks crazy, so I'm not sure I'll be a great blogger for a while, but hopefully we'll get some first day of school photos in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Back-to-School to you all!

3 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

I love the super girl photos! Again I'm so jealous of all your connections with other adopted kids. You are so blessed!!! Friends of ours are looking into adopting from China. Maybe by Gods grace we will finally have local friends with adopted kids. There is hope!!!

Jenn said...

We have loved watching all the olympics this year as well.

Can't wait to see the completed room photos!

And GO Miyah on the bunny...such a great drawing!

Sharon said...

This is the one time we are really bummed not to have TV! I wish I had that cookie!

Happy back to school to you all too! Also I m so glad you had a nice trip together. We couldn't do it this year but wanted to. I am still so happy to have her home that its not too hard!

DO you have Mei Mei Chinese Dance and learn?? Its driving me crazy like Barney but B loves it!