Monday, December 22, 2008

A Dickens of a Christmas

Every year our little historic downtown closes its streets to host a nostalgic event called A Dickens of a Christmas. Men, women, and children dressed in Victorian clothing portray characters from "A Christmas Carol" and walk amongst the crowds of people and booths. We always enjoy this little event, but this year we went mainly to see Megan dance. The temperature was rather chilly, but we enjoyed all the sights and sounds.
It was hard to capture any great pictures during Megan's dance because my view was obscured by a couple of posts and speakers.
Dickens of a Christmas (34)
Dickens of a Christmas (33)
Dickens of a Christmas (43)
Megan after her performance
Dickens of a Christmas (77)
Dickens of a Christmas (84)
I think Santa needs an eyebrow trimmer for Christmas. I think this was the only "visit" my girls had with Santa this Christmas, but you know me and how I feel about the guy anyway.
Dickens of a Christmas (90)
I'm not sure which Dickens character he would be
Dickens of a Christmas (103)
After all that walking we stopped at a little cupcake bakery for a snack.
Dickens of a Christmas (104)
Not sure why I took this picture, but JOY seems to be a theme in my life these days.
Dickens of a Christmas (123)
"I bring you good tidings of GREAT JOY." Luke 2. And my favorite, "In His presence is fullness of JOY" Psalm 16:11. Christ's presence/coming (Immanuel-God with us) brings great JOY if we know Him and have constant fellowship with Him. I'm constantly reminded that there is joy to be found in every circumstance as I remain in His presence. He came to be Immanuel, "with us". Nowhere else do I find "fullness of joy." Not in health. Not in financial or job security. Not in family. Not in friends or relationships. Only in HIS PRESENCE! That's what Christmas is all about.

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