Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Pumpkin guts, anyone?Of the four seasons, I LOVE fall the best by far.

It's been a long, hot summer and the heat has finally broken.
We seized the opportunity over fall break to get out and enjoy the cool, crisp air.

At the pumpkin patch

feeding Mr. Goat

Feeding the ducks

We ran into one of Pat's reps with her new beautiful baby. Isn't he sweet! The girls thought he was great.
Matt, thoroughly engaged in this family-togetherness.
(with eyes rolling, and shoulders slouching, Megan pointed out that they were the only teenagers at the pumpkin patch)
Miyah soon learned why we all urged her to sit on top of the tire and hold onto the rope...she couldn't hold on and smiles soon turned to looks of sheer terror.
Tired legs...time to head home.


Pumpkin carving tip #1 for those who live in a warm climate:
Don't carve pumpkins two weeks before Halloween. All four of our pumpkins have decomposed on the porch and I never got pictures of them carved...mostly because I was busy for three hours carving Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Well, we had fun and the pumpkind seeds were great.
We borrowed a friend's truck to get a load of mulch and the kids thought it was great to get a ride around the neighborhood in the back....perfectly safe, I'm sure.

With the cooler weather, we were able to have a fire and s'mores!

`` Sticky girls ``

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Amy said...

I love the line,"Matt, thoroughly engaged in this family-togetherness." It's great you got him to come at all! The pictures are wonderful. I don't live in a warm place but I'm saving my pumpkin carving until this weekend. They really get bad fast here too!

LaLa said...

Sorry we missed Gentry on Sat...but we were in birthday party mode around here!! Our pumpkins are carved but indoors...I may put them out today since it is cooler finally : )

Great pics of all the kids

Beverly said...

Great pics of the pumkin patch and kids.


mommy24treasures said...

thanks for visiting me. You have a lovely family! We love the pumkin patch too. We are going to one last one Sat.
Also thank you for your info post ont he side bar. I had never heard of Mr. Son before.

Chrissie said...

Cute pics! Love the picture of Mei Lins pucker face in the picture with the kids by the Gentry sign. Too cute!