Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Miyah's 4th Birthday Party!

The same weekend as Megan's party, Mei Lin's dedication, and two of Miyah's friends' parties, we also had Miyah's birthday party!!

Crazy? Yup!

Miyah wanted a Mickey Mouse theme (and she had to wear her Mickey costume). So, we heard Mickey Mouse music until a few adults developed a twitch, jumped in the bouncy thingy, and just played outside. Miyah had a blast.

The really sad thing is that the day before her party she went to two parties at those inflatable places. So when she woke up the day of her party she said, "Mom, do you know where I want my party?". "In the backyard?" I urgingly replied. "No, at (the inflatable place)!". Hmm...that didn't feel so great after all the work I put into her party. But she did have a good time. Just remind me next year that I swore to have a party where someone else does all the work!

Savannah pinning the ears on MickeySuper Mickey!

At least someone was looking after Mei Lin...thanks, Don!

Megan and Hannah were a huge help!

My parents were in town for Mei Lin's dedication and Miyah's party. Here's a picture that says it all. The Papa (my dad) obsession continues...

Birthday breakfast of Mickey pancakes

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Sharon said...

That is so sweet how she loves her Papa. It brings tears to my eyes. i pray for that to happen for us!! Those are all great shots!!