Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mei Lin's Dedication

(Mei Lin's dedication prayer)

Yes, Mei Lin's been home for six months and we've just finally had her dedication. We knew we couldn't wait too much longer or the little white brocade dress and shoes we bought for her in China wouldn't fit her soon.

We waited primarily because we were thinking that the new church building would be completed early this winter and we'd have her dedicated in the new building. Well, that's not happening, so we thought we'd settle for the little place our new satellite church is meeting's a YMCA, not the most traditional place for a baby dedication, but it works.

For those that may not know, a dedication is much like a baptism, except that we believe in baptism after a confession of faith (which a one year old is clearly too young for). In dedicating Mei Lin, we are covenanting with God to raise her in a loving, Godly home. It truly is humbling when I think about the fact that God has trusted us with another one of his little ones. It's only by God's grace that my kids are as amazing as they are. I'm much too flawed to raise Godly children on my own. Parenting is such an incredible responsibility.

2 incredible comments!:

Amy said...

I've made a dedication video for Sarah but we need to do this soon too! For us it was more getting past the attachment thing. Now we could really do this.
I love the mouse costumes above!

Sharon said...

Beautiful little dress! We are confused on how to proceed with this. My siblings are now dedicating their children but B2 were christened so I suppose we will work it out. Did you and Pat baptise again as adults? It would be so great to go as a family to the Jordan River!! Want to meet us there!!?? haha