Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Pictures

Another day at Sea World...

The girls LOVED the water play area!

Megan let me take a photo of her!

I'm sure she thought I wouldn't post this one...

The girls fed the sea lions...

Grandma let each of the girls play a fishing game.

They each won a dolphin!

And here's a creapy lizard we founnd on my sister's shutter. I think it's a green anole lizard with a strange orange thing that pops out of its neck on occasion.

Tomorrow we pick up my sister and her family (including my new nephew!) from the airport!! Then we're heading home on Saturday. We've enjoyed our time here, but it will be SO nice to be home!
I miss you Pat and Matt! See you soon!

2 incredible comments!:

Chinazhoumom said...

Those cute little lizards are all over in Florida - they change color - if on a branch - they will turn a shade of brown - Enjoy Florida

Carol in Florida

LaLa said...

Look at those giant grins!!!! Looks like a great time was had. Have fun meeting your nephew and then have a safe trip home : )