Monday, September 15, 2008

Doggy Skeletons

When Miyah was three, she began asking a lof questions about our bones after seeing a skeleton hanging in a party store at Hallow*een. So I thought my little scientist would love these glow in the dark pajamas...and I was right. They came in the same box as the doggy, what better combination than skeletons and puppies?

(I actually bought them at two different stores because Gym*boree was out of Miyah's size. $8 at Gym*boree and $22 at Gap!!...BUT, only because I had a Gap gift card!).

This is Miyah's fierce animal face...she was growling at me. I think she morphed into a lion at this point. She's still a new animal every day or every hour as she feels moved, and of course Mei Lin has to be like her big sister and play animal pretend, as well....

....when she's not a ferocious tiger, she's a sweet kitty.

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