Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zoo Day

Today we met up with Anne and Elizabeth for a homeschool class at the zoo. We picniced, rode the carousel, went to the class, and visited the petting area.

Mei Lin, Elizabeth, and Miyah

Mei Lin is a serious student. She kept telling other children, "SHHH!" when they weren't quiet while the teacher was talking....so why isn't she quiet for me while I'm teaching them?? Could it have more to do with her penchant for bossiness? Hmm...
Pretending to be dinosaurs...right up my girls' alley.
Touching a snake. Mommy passed on this one.
I hope you don't mind if I change the subject...here's what I found in my kitchen....Just Kidding!
Beautiful Friends
They are so sweet together.

3 incredible comments!:

Anonymous said...

Ohh...I miss Miyah so much!

Pam K.

Carla said...

Did I see a clue to your location up there? If so...OMG I wish I had KNOWN about this!!!!! I so would have driven up to bring the kids. *sigh*

Well, I think I'm going to plan a Zoo day in the near future. I need to get away for a day soon.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!!! I can't wai to see you guys in December.

Cate Sullivan-Konyn