Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Susannah' Surgery and Homecoming

Susannah's surgery went well today, PRAISE GOD!! Thank you all for your prayers.
Just to ensure you understand what a little miracle this girl is, I must explain a few things.
Before this surgery, her oxygen levels were SOOO very low...like, we would be passed out, or worse! Her monitor read as low as in the 20s while I was in her room. And to add to the miracle, after nearly three years of dangerously low oxygen levels, her organs are all functioning well without sustaining any significant damage. There's just no explanation for her condition, except that God has been sustaining this amazing girl's life.

Her life and the love of her adoptive family is a beautiful picture of God's love for us, even with our broken, damaged, and sometimes hardened heart...He loves us and desires to have a relationship with us even when we prefer our independence and want nothing to do with Him (Susannah is finally coming around to letting her mommy love on her a bit...thank you God for answered prayer!). Susannah's life, just like little Anna's whom we just lost, is a picture of redemption and of life not wasted. Many thought she'd gone too long without the necessary medical help she needed, but God has shown us, it's never too late to come to him with a broken heart. He's always waiting for us to turn to him and open our arms wide. In our imperfections, he sees PERFECTION! Amazing, beautiful perfection.

Susannah's oxygen is in the 90s today...her little feet and legs are no longer blue.
Go take a look at those beautiful, pink toes over at her blog and read how she's doing.
Here are a few pictures from her homecoming one week ago tonight (9/2). She's only been in the US for a week and she and her family have gone through so much. Please continue to pray for them.

Zoe and Wyatt with their signs. Their mom, Heather, had a picture poster made for everyone to sign.

Mei Lin

We all lined up on both sides of the driveway, anxiously awaiting Charlie, Leslie, and Susannah. It was a beautiful, candlelit homecoming.

Susannah and Mei Lin are from the same orphanage in Kunming, and only three months apart. We couldn't resist the sign (above).

Megan and friends.

Renee holding Miyah (who is wearing a lion mask atop her head) and holding the sign she made herself.

Heather, Stefanie, Angela, and me.

The family arrives home! They have the sweetest photo of Susannah holding her brothers' hands...you can see it on their blog.

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LaLa said...

thank you so much for the update!! Praise God she is doing well...what a little miracle!! I can't wait to see her running around at CNY this year!

Anonymous said...

It's me Sharon (and bailey) FROM MY DAD'S COMPUTER. This post made me tear up! How cool that you are so close and all the wonderful things you all did. How great the the girls all get to be a part of something so God bathed. Fantstic job!!!