Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remaining Forever Hopeful

Many of you know that we've been grieving with our friends, Jo and Tony, who lost their sweet little Anna just a little over two weeks ago.

I haven't wanted to post for a while.

What do you say?

Tonight I guess I felt like I needed to write that God is GOOD, even when we can't possibly understand the present circumstances. He IS GOOD....ALL the time.

Yesterday Jo and I were talking about all the questions that we'll never have answered this side of heaven...I've had a running list this year...but she made a great point that I hadn't even been able to get to yet.

She said, "But when I get to heaven, I'm going to see Jesus, and then I'm going to see my Anna, and none of those questions will even matter anymore."

And she's so right!

I've stopped saving my list of questions or even formulating them in my mind's wasted energy. It may not make the hurt any less, but it sure does ease the angst and frustration. It helps me focus on God's goodness and live with a greater TRUST in my God who now I know can see me through anything.

Too many little ones have passed away this year.

Besides Jo and Tony, my sister Tammy lost her little boy, Trent, earlier this year due to a miscarriage; and you all remember that the Chapmans lost their little Maria Sue.

These families have had and will continue to have hard, hard, hard days. Days that every parent prays they will never live.

But they all know an amazing God. I've watched in amazement at God's hand in each of their lives. He's been merciful and so real in so many ways. He is close to the brokenhearted. He is their refuge and strength. Again, it doesn't make the pain go away, but His hand is sustaining. God is holding them as they cling to Him and to the certainty that they will have eternity to spend with Him and with their little ones. And while they sometimes need ministering, more often they're ministering to others in the abundance of grace God is giving them!

Don't you stand amazed at our God?

I could tell you stories about lives that have been changed by Anna, about "signs" from God/Anna that have shown up everywhere...but maybe another time. Just know that without a doubt, God has made Anna's short life a testament to His greatness. And He wants to do that through each of us.

I entitled this post "Remaining Forever Hopeful" because 2 1/2 weeks ago while Anna was fighting for her life, I had written a post on Anna's blog entitled "Remaining Hopeful," and that hope hasn't gone with Anna's passing. Anna wasn't healed the way we hoped she'd be healed, but she's healed and whole in her Father's arms, and her family remains forever hopeful that they will see her again.

And each of us can "Remain Forever Hopeful" if we've given our lives to Him. In light of eternity, there's nothing ever to fear. Praise God, this life isn't all there is and death doesn't have the final say.

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Amy said...

I have some pretty big un answered questions too. I just think about the other side of things. I can trust God or not trust him. If I just accept that I do not (and may never ) know the why then I have peace. If I just trust God is big and good, I am OK. If I doubt him, I grow insecure and bitter and hard hearted. My sister in law is so bitter towards God because her son was born with Down's . He is a beautiful sweet boy. He can do so much more then my Jessica (now 17) can do. She use to be a strong Christian. Now she stopped going to church and she is bitter. It is so sad to see. I would rather live with the not knowing, yet trusting then live without God. I may never know why, but I know who holds me up and gives me the grace to stand. I never want to walk away from my God!

LaLa said...

You are such a sweet caring friend. I am happy they have you to lean on and their faith is strong. Still thinking of all of you!

Lauren said...

I think God is working in and through you since you posted this before you knew about Susannah. I don't understand why all these awful things have to happen to little ones but I do know that our God LOVES them.
Grieving with you,