Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Kung Fu Autumn Moon Festival!

Tonight we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (a Chinese/Asian holiday) with some friends. We invited several families to join us for a cookout and to watch Kung Fu Panda outdoors on the projector.
Don't ask me how we were able to watch Kung Fu Panda before it came out on video...but it has something to do with my sister (thanks, Tracy) who just came home from China and the special movies they sell there :). Here are some pictures taken by Heather, our official event photographer...

Above: My amazing, beautiful friends.
(Back from L: Amy, Anne, Me, Teresa. Front from L: Stefanie, Jo, and Heather)
Jacob, Wyatt, and Blake
Mei Lin
Pat using the "dinner gong." Who would have known my Pier 1 decoration would come in handy.
The blonde boys' blanket
I knew Whitney would be disappointed if I didn't include this.
Watching Kung Fu Panda

Practicing their Kung Fu skills.Miyah, Wyatt, Mei Lin, and Zoe

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Zion's Hope said...

Hi My name is Heather!
I am the mother of Whitney who loves to take pictures w/ food hanging out of her mouth! She was very HAPPY to see that on the blog! It made her night! Thanks for a great evening friend! I love the pictures of our little ones outside with their Kung Fu skills, I've taught them well! I mean.... wow, they pick up great skills from the movie!
Love ya!