Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
I miss you and can't wait until you come home from China!
Love, Brielle

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We miss you!

Love, Miyah and Mei Lin (and Megan and Cindy)

A Father Is:
There in every memory
See his love and care
Strength and hands to count on
Freely he does share
Provider, toil so faithfully
To make our dreams come true
Give strong and tender discipline
Though it is hard to do
A Father is God's chosen one
To lead the family
And point it to His will for life
Of love and harmony...
Sue Skeen

Pictures with daddy...

Happy Father's Day, Bill! We love you and miss you.
Love, Pat, Cindy, and kids

Happy Father's Day, Dad! We love you and miss you!
Love, Pat, Cindy, and kids.

3 incredible comments!:

LaLa said...

What sweet pics with all the Daddys!!

zionshope said...

Can I tell you that I miss y'all..
Happy Father's Day! I love your pictures! How fun.... I wish I was on your little trip to Texas! Looks like you are having a great time! Thanks for the photo's?!..
if you know what I mean!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to Pat! I loved his tent camping and am always amazed at what a great hands on dad he is. John stayed home for two weeks and worked out of the house so I was very glad about that! I had pat's example to follow to get john to do it! haha

We are going on 21 years this aug. How long have you been married? I wish you would post a wedding shot of the two of you!! Everyone looks great on your end. I am so happy for your sister! Let them know I am keeping them in my prayers!!

Sharon (and Bailey on B's laptop, watching Barney in the fam rm!haha)