Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday-Brielle Update

Here's another update for you, Max and Tracy. Brielle is doing great! We stayed around the house today and spent a few hours in the pool. Brielle was so brave...she swam around in the tube with me holding her. Here she is taking one more ring off of her day closer to seeing you all and meeting her new brother!

We knew Brant (and Tracy) would like to see that Amigo is doing well.

The girls are spoiling him.

Here's Grandma reading them a book before bedtime.

It was great talking to you tonight. Even though she cried toward the end of the conversation, Brielle got over it very quickly. We went out for ice cream and nothing else mattered to her...the girl LOVES ice cream, as you know!
We're praying for you when you meet Brock Ji Hao tomorrow!
Happy Father's Day, Max!

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