Sunday, June 15, 2008

They Have Ji Hao!

We just got a video call from Tracy and they have little Ji Hao! They're having trouble with blogger, but will try to update their site again later or I'll do it for them.

He's SO adorable! They said he is very confident and outgoing...which we could see on the video as he waved and grinned at us. He reminded me of Tracy with an ear-to-ear grin and a lot of enthusiasm! It appears he can hear rather least he heard the orphanage director talking to him and Brittany could communicate with him. Tracy said she made a "vroom" sound as he drove his toy car around the taxi and he heard her and looked at her and grinned.

Tracy showed us a little portfolio of his school work they had given them and according to the director he's very artistic, kind, and helpful. Tracy said he drew a picture of first a smiley face and then a home on the Magna Doodle! Is that sweet or what? He seems very happy to have a family! The whole time we talked to Tracy he was in the background playing Lego Star Wars on the Nintendo DS....and actually playing it well! Sounds like the flight home will be a piece of cake.

I'll leave the rest for Tracy and Max to tell. I just wanted to send a little update to family who might not hear for a while.

Tracy said they haven't been able to see my blog so I may not do a Brielle update each day on here. Maybe tomorrow if we do something we just shopped, swam, and ate.

Until tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy for posting that all is well!!!! Gina and Avery (Tracy's first travelmates)

Amy said...

Cindy, I'm so happy for your family! How blessed can you be? You not only have friends that have adopted, but family members that adopt! What a blessing for your girls to have Chinese cousins! Sarah is from Nanjing.