Friday, June 20, 2008

A Hot Week in San Antonio

Temperatures remained over 100 degrees this week so we did our best to stay cool without going stir-crazy. We swam a lot, went to a mall, and visited Sea World two days.
The girls saving Amigo from dehydration.

Amigo is an expert surfer.
Using the kick board.

Brielle is a little timid of the big pool, so we bought her a little pool.

Sweet sisters.

Miyah would live in the pool if we let her!
Mei Lin loves the water, too.

The girls love Brant's turtle. We took it outside one day so they could all feed him (or her).
Mei Lin
Silly Brielle!
By the end of the week Brielle got braver and agreed to wear water wings so she could swim on her own!
At Sea World's water park.

Miyah and Megan enjoyed the wave pool.

Brielle loved to sit and let the waves gently wash up on her.
The girls watched the flamingoes for a long time while Megan and Grandma went on a ride.
Megan is a little bored without her friends. She says they text message her about what they're doing and she's jealous. Unfortunately she's been a bit of a couch potato...but she's also been a huge help!

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