Saturday, June 14, 2008

A HOT Friday in San Antonio

(BTW-You may have to scroll down a few posts to understand this thread I'm catching up on).

Brielle happily wore her patch today. Here she is (above) at Mi Tierra at Market Square. (Below) the men sang for us.

Mei Lin's expression and response to the singing was priceless. She sat mesmerized through the whole song.

My mom and fellow traveler and amazing helper.

Mi Tierra Restaurant...delicious Mexican food and beautiful building.

Market Square was fun to browse through. The music, food, and all the goods sold had a Mexican flair.

Of course Mei Lin picked out a pink guitar (her favorite color).From Market Square we walked down to the Alamo. Here I am with the girls in front of the Alamo (Mei Lin is sleeping in the stroller). It was 102 degrees and humid, so we stayed for a quick history refresher, walked through the main building and figured we'd seen enough. BTDT-check! We can now say we "Remember the Alamo".
Then we headed for the beautiful River Walk, but there was no relief from the heat, so we did a short stroll and walked back to Market Square. I think we spent more time buying sno cones and water than actually site seeing :)
Back at home: After a dip in the pool and another "picnic" dinner, the girls got a bath.
Megan connected online with Max and Tracy (My bil and sister) on Skype (video phone via the web) and we talked to them for a while. We let Brielle see them online the first day and she cried, not understanding that her mom and dad weren't actually in the room, but tonight she was happy to see them and talked to them for a while. She's really doing great and it seems she's becoming more comfortable with us each day. The girls then went to bed early since they really didn't get naps today. Brielle had fallen asleep in the stroller only briefly.

As a side note...please pray for my sister, Michele, and her family (and everyone) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are experiencing major flooding right now. We talked to them this afternoon and my brother-in-law was stuck at work and unable to get home, bridges have collapsed, and highways are closed. They aren't expecting relief from the rain and flooding until Tuesday.

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Mommy said...

Hi Cindy,

Praying for you and all of your family over the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to the daily posting. You've challenged yourself, ya know? Can't wait. Looks like you guys are having fun.