Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday Party

Here are some photos from Elizabeth's birthday party way back in November. I forgot my camera, and I just got around to uploading these from Anne. The girls had a great time at the pottery painting place.
Happy 4th Birthday, Elizabeth!! The Grinch wasn't invited, but Miyah saw him pass by in the mall and had to have a hug. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of her favorite books!
Miyah absolutely LOVES to paint. At this time she was painting at least once a day, so this was her kind of party

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Sharon said...

Where did they get that grinch!!? He is wonderful.. my favorte. As an adult I recognize that what he had in the story was a born again experience. That is probably the mian reason why it is such a lasting, great story.

Miyah was super brave to go hug him. Britton wouldn't have even entered the room with him. Chuck E Cheese was her worst nightmare! Plus I love how she dresses up everyday. So so cute!!